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We manage your real estate and urban development projects better !
Cooper | Feldman is a collective of consultants and managers in the areas of real estate development and transformation, urban development and land use.

  • We know about architecture,
  • we know about urban design,
  • we know about financing these projects,
  • we know about managing these projects.

Our company falls in the category of 10 to 20 employees. All our professionals have a good many years of work experience, which provides us with a firm network reaching into governments, NGOs and commercial parties like, developers, design offices and builders.

Every year since 2010 we have added new partners. Our growth is steady and deliberate.

Because we are a collective of independent entrepreneurs, Cooper Feldman is a flat organisation with a low overhead. This way decisionmaking within Cooper Feldman is fast and our fees are low. We bill as freelancers.

At the same time we can offer our clients the advantages that larger consultancies and management companies have. We offer multiple disciplines and we have a wide range of expertise in house, a good name in the market, a stable organisation and a large network at our fingertips.

We have been active in China, Italy, Brazil and Surinam since 2011.


We manage your real estate and urban development projects based on cross boundary experience.
The world is changing rapidly. Western economies suffer from a financial crises whereas many other economies are growing fast and developing into high quality communities.

Where changes are happening rapidly, and intensively, a new approach is needed to deal with the pressure on real estate, urban areas, agricultural areas and nature reserves. This is because the old way of doing is not suited for such fast developments in new economies. At Cooper Feldman we believe that suitable solutions for this fast change will be found where people look beyond the boundaries of their own specialisations.

Our solution is better communication, getting people connected, connecting specialisations and cultures. That's why we keep looking for the boundaries of the playing field in land use and real estate development. This is what Cooper Feldman is about since it was founded in 2002.

Just as in nature, the most valuable innovations come through overlapzones, areas where boundaries are crossed, the exciting areas where different interests and talents meet and forces start working together.

Through our focus on this vision we are strongly people-oriented. In those processes where we manage, organize and give advice, we take a keen interest in people, besides giving attention to concept feasibility, design quality and process transparency.


Cooper Feldman Worldwide

We manage your real estate and urban development projects suited to your needs, based on our knowledge about what is state of the art worldwide.

We know how to connect different parties. That is our key to success. Because we can get the right parties to work together, Cooper Feldman is particularly suited to be put to use in different countries. Partners at Cooper Feldman are driven managers who, depending on the local situation, can act either sensitive and careful, or otherwise bold and unorthodox. Our strength lies in finding parallel interests, translating these to well designed plans, and afterwards setting up collaborations to actually get the project realised.

For example, we made an analysis of the risks and opportunities of developing the Borgo di Gello project in Tuscany, Italy. We translated this into a development plan and we formulated a business case. We are now in negotiation with different parties in different countries towards project realisation.

Cooper Feldman succeeds in several critical factors. We will name a few:

  • We acquire an in depth understanding quickly of your real estate projects or urban development project.. Dutch expertise in this area is recognised world-wide.
  • Most of the partners at Cooper Feldman have had work experience in more than one country. They are able to recognize in which situations local law and culture will determine the solution, and in which situations the fresh insights of a foreigner can offer a new solution for your project.
  • Our partners have been active in over 10 different countries
  • Through our wide range of expertise and the international network of the Cooper Feldman organisation, we are able to attract international investors to project opportunities in other countries.
  • We are passionate and experienced managers and consultants who will help organize your projects with a feeling for local context and with respect for the local people with whom we work.

Vrijblijvende inventarisatie Vrijblijvende inventarisatie

Bent u op zoek naar ruime kennis en ervaring op het gebied van vastgoed- en gebiedsontwikkeling? Voor een bestaand te transformeren gebied of een nieuw te ontwikkelen project? 

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